Enabling people to self-finance solar.

The Challenge

Worldwide, 840 million people are still without electricity access and over 1 billion use an unreliable grid connection. In Sub-Saharan Africa alone, 700 million people struggle to access modern energy, forcing many of them to rely on fossil fuels, such as kerosene. This is expensive, polluting and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

While people are keen to switch to solar technology, which is cleaner and cheaper in the long-run, they cannot self-finance existing off-grid solar products as they have to use their limited budget to cover higher-priority expenses such as food, agricultural inputs and school fees.

The Solution

At Mbegu Solar, our goal is to make the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy for consumers in emerging markets easier, faster and more flexible.

We connect customers to our platform with a network of portable phone charging stations across Kenya (and soon more African countries). For only 10 USD a month, customers can rent a station to earn a recurring income and self-finance a solar system that meets their needs.

How it works

1. Rent a station

For 10 USD per month customers rent a solar-powered phone battery charging station from us. Up to six persons can simultaneously charge their phones in separate lockers and make cashless payments through M-Pesa.

2. Earn a recurring income

Customers start selling phone charging services to their local community. 75% of the generated income is saved directly on the customers’ MbeguBuy savings account for their solar system. Customers can withdraw the remaining 25% and spend as they wish.

After the first three months, customers set their goal and order the complete solar system together with our on site coordinator based on their needs and monthly MbeguBuy savings.

3. Receive the solar system

As soon as the customers have reached the set target and saved enough in their MbeguBuy savings account, they receive the solar component they were aiming for.

4. Maintain and upgrade

Our local team is always available to help customers with technical problems. Our local coordinators can also assist customers in setting a new target and upgrading to a more powerful system.

The Benefits


Gain a solar budget of 15 USD per month earmarked for your solar bills.


Reduce your carbon emissions by 90 percent by switching from fossil fuels to solar energy.


Earn 5 USD of extra cash every month from the charging station.

* all numbers based on our pilot study results

What our customers say

The station helps me to support my family and raise our standard of living. I can also bring development to my community in Gwassi.

― James, Homa Bay


I like the program. It provides us with proper lighting and we can charge our phones with a lot of ease.

― Fred, Homa Bay


It has been so good and impressive having the lights in the nights and mornings. We appreciate the project and the change it has brought. l wish we could have it permanently.

― Levis, Homa Bay


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About Us

At Mbegu Solar, we aim to make the transition from fossil fuels to solar energy easy, fast and flexible.